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6 Examples of Moving Files and Directories in Linux

You may be required to move your files and directories in Linux in order to create a space for some other task. You can use mv command for this purpose. This post practically demonstrates 6 examples of moving files and directories in Linux. Syntax of mv command. mv [options] source destination Where source and destination are your current and target locations respectively. For more detail, please visit the 6 Examples of Moving Files and Directories in Linux .

Examples of WC Command

WC which stands for Word Count, is a command in Linux. It is used to count the number of words, lines, and characters in the file. It takes the file or its output (through a pipe |). Syntax WC command has the following syntax $ wc [OPTION]... [FILE]... Following are some of the options with this command. -c       character count -l        lines count -w     Word count For more information and an example of the Command: How to Use the wc Command in Linux (With Examples)