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How to Change Sleep Settings in Ubuntu 22.04

When not in use, a computer can enter sleep mode .i.e. a power-saving mode. All unnecessary operations are stopped when the computer is in sleep mode. Most computing devices and PCs are programmed to go into sleep mode after a specific amount of inactivity. When closed, laptop computers frequently go into sleep mode. Typically, tapping a key, clicking the mouse, or pressing the power button causes a computer to come out of sleep.  The majority of your computer is completely off when it is in standby or sleep mode. Your processor, hard disc, network cards (typically), and pretty much anything else are all included in that. The main exception is your RAM (memory), which is necessary for a quick computer restart. This must be kept on since when your computer is shut down, everything in its RAM is essentially lost. Although it is theoretically possible, I've never heard of a computer's RAM being harmed by being on sleep for an extended period of time.  Hibernate can be used if you